What are Wrinkle Fillers?

At Naturaliste Skin Clinic we use "wrinkle fillers" that are purified forms of a glycoprotein that binds strongly with water and which is found in the skin of all mammals including humans.

After injection, the product binds with water in the upper most layers of the skin and thereby lifts, fills and gives new firmness to lines and furrows. It softens smile and frown lines and "crows feet" and fills lips, sagging corners of the mouth and shallow acne scars.

How long have doctors been using Wrinkle Filling treatments?

Wrinkle fillers have been used in Australia since 1998.

Will I be a good candidate for treatment

This should ultimately be determined by the doctor or nurse trained in injectable treatment of wrinkles. The areas mentioned above usually respond well.

What do treatments involve

No skin test is necessary. Treatment usually requires an initial 2 sessions during which tiny mounts of filler product are injected into the uppermost layers of the skin to smooth certain skin contours. Occasionally, additional treatments may be required for a satisfactory result.

How long will the treatment last

Most people choose to receive treatment within 6-12 months. Without maintenance treatment the correction gradually fades and the skin returns to its original condition. Studies suggest that approximately 2 to 3% of the population will demonstrate an immediate and unpredictable breakdown of some wrinkle fillers. The product that is used here at Naturaliste Skin Clinic has been approved to last up to 12 months.

Are treatments painful

Local anaesthetic blocks to deaden the lips are available if required. Local anaesthetic creams are available if requested. We will discuss each treatment requirement individually.

Are there any side effects or complications associated with the use of “Fillers

• Temporary redness, swelling and bruising may occur, as with any intra-dermal injection. Such reactions settle spontaneously.
• Temporary lumpiness or discoloured patches may occur.
• “Filler’s” are a viscous product and may not be suitable for very fine lines in which over correction must be avoided. Temporary over correction can occur even with treatment of deeper lines. For this reason the treating practitioner will err on the side of under correction rather than over correction. Under correction can be improved with a second treatment.
• Approximately one in 2000 patients will experience a delayed allergic reaction that occurs days or weeks after treatment. Such a reaction may manifest as redness and swelling and typically settle over a few weeks. Rarely, such reactions may progress to cysts and may require treatment with cortisone tablets. Localised scarring has been reported in a few such cases. Test injections will give an indication of who may experience this problem. The supplier does not provide test syringes.

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